The following programmes are offered by the Indian Maritime University:


Undergraduate Programmes:


4-Year B.Tech (Marine Engineering)


4-Year B.Tech (Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering)


3-Year B.Sc (Nautical Science)


3-Year BBA (Logistics, Retailing & E-Commerce)


1-Year Diploma in Nautical Science leading to B.Sc. (Applied Nautical Science)



Postgraduate Programmes:


2-Year MBA (Port and Shipping Management)


2-Year MBA (International Transportation and Logistics Management)


2-Year M.Sc (Commercial Shipping & Logistics)


2-Year M.Tech (Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering)


2-Year M.Tech (Dredging and Harbour Engineering)


2-Year M.Tech (Marine Engineering & Management)

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes:


1 Year PGDME (Post Graduate Diploma in Marine Engineering)



Research Programmes:


Ph.D and M.S(by Research) programmes

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Indian Maritime university offers the above mentioned courses under the following Schools:



School of Nautical Studies


School of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering


School of Marine Engineering & Technology


School of Maritime Management




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